WTD International Trade News of the Week. Pick of the Litter Series, vol. # 1

Pick of the Litter Series takes interesting odds and ends from various feeds and news sources about international trade. Last week, rummaging through the web trash, I pulled out these articles:

Lew Cramer’s Insights on China Trade Mission – Part 1 Features a 6 Minute Video interview. I actually know this guy from the WTCA (World Trade Centers Associations) member conferences I used to attend. He’s smart AND has a good sense of humor – rare to find.

Agriculture Programs Going Global Global Edge reports on an interesting trend with possibilities to expand markets for disadvantaged AG producers in developing countries.

Earth Day (April 22) Stats from the U.S. Department of Commerce Useful statistics that relate to Earth Day such as: more men carpool to work than women… so there. However, more women use public transportation than men… so there back. We all have got a long way to go.

Profile of U.S. Importing and Exporting Companies From U.S. Census Global Reach Blog a very interesting visual portrayal of import only /export only /import and export relationship. Very cool. A picture is worth, hmm, 999 words.

Datamyne 2.0 Yeah for Lisa and her PEERS (inside joke) at Datamyne for doing some kick ass innovation for their new product release. Anyway that’s the word on the streets. I’m looking forward to giving it a test run soon. Here’s the link to the intro: VIDEO.

Feed Grains Database offered by USDA Economic Research Service. Hey, if “feed grains” are your thing, then this data could be as sweet as a lover’s kisses. Really cool data is better than pizza.

International Trade Dictionary for Iphone and Ipad. Somebody help us. I’m already addicted to electronics, especially my iphone. Texting while driving will be the death of me yet. Now, a new distraction: “What’s in a name?”

Selling Med Equipment in Brazil Two references back to Datamyne… O.K. Lisa Wallerstein, you owe me lunch when I’m in Jersey or Miami or Uruguay or wherever the hell you are. Anyway, I really like this chart. It is colorful and communicates good information.  The blog header could use some creativity though…

Decline of the Easter Bunny I can’t resist this one. So, I’ll close this inaugural week’s Pick of the Litter Series with this one. Panjiva reports a decline in imports of Easter Bunny paraphernalia. Check it out, the graph has cute little bunnies on top of the bars, and not of the Harvey variety either.

One of my favorite things to do as a kid in Dallas, Texas was garbage picking. At least in the information age, my hands don’t get sticky and my clothes don’t stink. I still do some trash talking from time to time though.

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