Trade Data Report: Baltimore Based McCormick Company Trade Profile & Shipments

McCormick and Company

McCormick is one of the most known spice brands in the United States. This leader in the spice world is located in the Baltimore Metropolitan statistical area (see Baltimore’s WTD article).The famous red spice bottles are as ubiquitous as Campbell’s Chicken soup. McCormick started his business in 1889 from a basement at the age of 25. He sold spices door to door. Currently the company now employs 7500 people.  Being a spice leader, McCormick and Company imports many of their products. 84% of McCormick’s shipments over the previous year were imports, while the remaining 16% were exports. There were 422 shipments received by McCormick and Company with an estimated value of just over 12 million dollars.

McCormick and Company’s Top Imported Commodities

Four imported products, listed by harmonized code, have a value over 1 million dollars each. The most valued product, pasta HS:  1902, had an estimated value of over 4 million dollars. Some of McCormick’s best-selling products are premixed dried pastas with spices already added. The second product was pepper, HS: 090412, with a worth of 2.5 million dollars. Black pepper was no doubt the number one spice used and sold by McCormick. The third import was juice of any single fruit or vegetable unfermented, HS 200980, worth around 1 million dollars. This is used to add flavor for mixed spices. The final product that is above one million dollars of estimated import value is container bags, HS 420292, used to package the spices and premixed pastas that McCormick sells.

Top Countries Selling to McCormick and Company

McCormick and Company imports a majority of its products from three countries: Thailand, China, and Indonesia. 57% of McCormick and Company’s imports comes from Thailand with 241 shipments: a total of 4 million dollars. McCormick and Company bought 3.3 million dollars worth of goods from China in 126 shipments. McCormick and Company also bought 3.3 million dollars worth of goods from Indonesia in 25 shipments.

Shipments Coming From China and Indonesia 

With Prospects, a Piers data program, we can look into the specific shipments coming from each of these countries. When we look at China’s latest shipments we see that the majority of the latest are pasta, HS 1902. When we view Indonesia’s shipment record we see that a vast majority of shipments contain pepper, HS 090412. Included at the bottom is a comprehensive excel sheet of all the available shipment data from China and Indonesia to McCormick and Company.

Download shipment detail (MS Excel compatible Spreadsheet) for all 126 China Pasta shipments.

Download shipment detail (MS Excel compatible Spreadsheet) for all 25 Indonesia Pepper shipments.

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