BIC Corporation, World Trade Profile and Sourcing Report

Société Bic to BIC Corporation

1950 Paris, the ballpoint pen was undergoing a major change. Marcel Bich discovered an improved process for manufacturing ballpoint pens and started his own company. This high quality, yet inexpensive, BIC Crystal pen quickly gained popularity. Spreading in European markets, BIC pens started popping up in Belgium, Netherlands , Switzerland, Spain, and Ireland. By 1958 BIC spread to United States, with BIC Corporation locating their subsidiary headquarters in the Bridgeport MSA (Click here for Bridgeport MSA Trade portfolio). The United States now accounts for more than half of the company’s worldwide sales. The company’s products have diversified, leading BIC to be a world leader in lighters, pens, shaving razors, and other office stationary.

BIC Corporation Imports by Country

BIC imports a total of 714 shipments with an estimated worth of 48 million dollars from a diverse source of countries. 52% of their annual shipments are from China with an estimated worth of 26 million dollars. 11 million dollars worth of supplies come from Spain in 106 shipments. 5 million dollars worth of products come from Malaysia, 4 million from Japan, and 2 million dollars worth from Korea and France.

BIC Corporation imports from select country region in order of shipment received to the United States from China, Spain, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and France Chart list and estimated value

BIC Corporation Imports by Commodity

BIC Corporation has a large list of diversified products. The top commodity imported by shipments and value is BIC’s lighters. BIC is the worldwide leader in lighter sales across multiple continents. This single import accounts for 24 million dollars in one year alone, arriving in 180 shipments. The second largest commodity imported is ballpoint pens HS 9608 with an estimated value of 7 million dollars. Another notable import is BIC’s razors, with an estimated value of 700 thousand dollars. 4.7 million dollars worth of non-printing ink, HS 321590, arrive in the United States as well.

Top commodities lighters ballpoint pens razors BIC corporation list by imports by shipments and value percents chart estimated value dollars

BIC Corporation Imports from Malaysia: Ink and Source Company

With PIERS Prospects we can look at individual shipments BIC Corporation is bringing in by country of origin. Malaysia, a unique source of imports, exports mainly Ink to the United States through BIC Corporation. This ink is the non-printing type.  When we look at an individual bill of lading we find that this ink is BIC Wite Out. Malaysia exports almost exclusively correctional fluids, whiteouts, and whiteout tape. We can also view the source-company of these products,  Widetech Manufacturing.

Company source for Malaysia imports by BIC white out correction fluid Bill of Lading Widetech manufacturing exports United States imports commodity and destination. Commodity description of BIC imports from Malaysia whiteout quick dry correction fluid source

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