Catalog of Interesting and Valuable Trade Information Related Blogs

Over the last several months, since the May 1st launch of, we’ve done our best to uncover and share pertinent news, views and Who’s Who in the world of trade intelligence each and every day.  As part of that mission, we’ve put together a list of other blog sites that are worth taking a look at and possibly bookmarking:

China Sourcing Blog:  They have an extensive blog roll that is worth checking out, very well done and been publishing since 2007.

Export Law Blog: ExportLawBlog is written and maintained by Clif Burns, Illya Antonenko and Megan Gajewski. It began in August 2007.

International Trade Law Blog: International Trade Law News is edited by international trade attorney Douglas N. Jacobson, Esq. and began in 2003.

MSU: Global Edge Blog: Michigan State University has a great international trade website and resource you must check out, which includes a well done blog which has been alive since late 2008.

RSS Feeds: A recent brainchild by the owners of, is a site to watch.  They recently launched in November of 2010.

TI Provider: Datamyne Blog: One of the top-tier TI providers, Lisa W. takes great pride in her social media brain child. They have published well and regularly since February, 2010.

TI Provider: Import Genius Blog: Another TI provider’s blog, “Making Waves” seems to get lost in the backwash of too much advertising and their last blog is months old.

TI Provider: Panjiva Blog: Clearly the best blog site of all TI Providers; it’s slick, it’s well laid out, well written, regularly updated, incorporates other social media and even includes cute little graphics.  They’ve perfected the medium since they first started publishing in August of 2007.  Grand Prize winner. Voted Best Trade Information Blogger! 

TI Provider: PIERS Blog: The 500 pound gorilla of TI Providers is the last in social media. They stumbled in rather slip shoddily but have been improving rapidly since their launch a month or so ago.

TI Provider: Zepol Blog: Not inspiring but consistent. The blog site seems a bit confused at the present, but these are confusing times. They’ve published a couple of times a week since late 2008.

U.S. Census: Global Reach Blog: A well done blog site by the Census Bureau that often includes charts and videos. They’ve been publishing about twice a week since January 2010.

U.S. Department of Commerce Blog: Very corporate looking and professionally done, this site is a “must bookmark” for anyone who wants to stay up on international trade issues. They began publishing January, 2009.

U.S. Blog: Started last year in January, this blog is rather uninspiring but nevertheless a good source for news from other sources about export related issues which is a rather important issue.

U.S. ITA Tradeology Blog: Launched in April 2009, Tradeology is the International Trade Administrations official social media outreach. They also twitter around a bit as well.

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