You and/ or Your Organization Can Be Featured On World Trade Daily

Would you like to be featured on WorldTradeDaily?

Are you involved in some aspect of international trade whether in the commercial, governmental or educational sector? Are you an importer, exporter, analyst, teacher, database engineer, trade representative, logistics provider, marketer, CEO, lawyer, regulator or journalist?  If so, we invite you to share your unique perspective and experience.

Each and everyday, WTD reports on international trade and trade intelligence: information used to make informed business decisions.

Trade Intelligence is comprised of many elements:

  • A plethora of types and kinds of DATA- the essential building blocks.
  • Technologies that refine, connect, enhance and present information- embodied by the many SUPPLIERS and their products & interfaces.
  • The USES of trade related information in sundry business applications in the service of international trade and traders.
  • PEOPLE: the IQ that makes Trade Intelligence work- professionals who are vitally involved in every facet of World Trade.
  • The context and environment within which trade intelligence is applied- i.e. trends, news and views that affect International trade.

Trade Professionals

As a trade professional, you have something to contribute. What particular products and services does your organization offer? What are the features and benefits?  In your capacity as a trade professional, what information do you use to find and service your clients? If none of these questions strike a cord, you may want to simply relay an interesting story from your personal experience working in the field of International Trade.

Your article(s) will be posted in one or more of the categories appearing on our site: Data, Suppliers, Uses, People, and World.  You are certain to accrue several benefits from the effort.  Check out: Contribute to the WTD community while (gently) Promoting your Product /Service.

In addition, we occasionally publish an In-depth series containing a handful of articles related to a particular data or service provider.  For example, subsequent to an interview with Lisa Wallerstein, Vice President of Product Development & Marketing for Datamyne, we developed a week’s worth of posts, addressing each of our respective categories, that were inspired by our discussion.  These are listed below:

Although all these articles were not confined to Datamyne, Lisa or their new product, they were indirectly related and together (hopefully) painted a bigger picture.  If you are interested, please contact us.

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