is Seeking Commercial Sponsor and University Partner for WTD 2.0

In the last two articles, “ Concludes First Year of Publication with Launch of WTD 2.0” and  “WTD 2.0 Coming July 1, 2012 Will Focus on $2 Trillion of U.S. Import Trade Flows” we have outlined our intentions of launching a revised focus for the website.

As initial preparation for this project, I have put together next year’s “cheat sheet” highlighting our planned product categories.  With some difficulty, I have combined U.S. Imports (by 2 & 4 digit product category) for the last 10 years – 2002 through 2011 with other data on U.S. imports.

  • U.S. Imports for each chapter & product group by each of the 25 leading U.S. trading partners
  • U.S. Imports for each chapter & product group by each U.S. State
  • U.S. Imports for each chapter & product group through each U.S Port District
  • U.S Imports for each chapter & product group by various methods of transport: water, air and ground (rail/truck).

This comprehensive, if complex portrait of U.S. Import Trade is available for download via our Google Docs site.  I would welcome your feedback.

Consolidated Spread Sheet Portraying Various Aspects of U.S. Import Trade Flows

The scope, detail and depth by which we can address this objective will largely be determined by the previously mentioned support and participation of an appropriate commercial sponsor and University partner.  It takes money and people.  There is a lot of in-depth research and prep work to do for each article, particularly if we produce and edit a videotaped version of each article.  Story development, writing, editing, graphics, site administration and marketing for a daily online publication require a considerable amount of time, persistence and elbow grease.  If we include video, there are many more considerations involving pre-production, production and post-production operations.  Thus the need for assistance.

Specifically, we would like to raise a minimum supplemental annual budget of $65,000 to cover operations, out-of-pocket expenses, and needed personnel from a commercial sponsor.  In addition, we are seeking an overall commitment of 100 -200 hours per month (collectively) from a handful of student interns via our University partner.  What’s in it for the respective sponsor and partner?

For the commercial sponsor – whether data vendor, information publisher, trade service provider or business-to-business international trade matchmaking forum – underwriting this endeavor would provide a valuable enhancement to their current marketing and promotional strategy.  It could also be a boon to their clientele.  For the University partner, it would provide valuable, practical experience for their business students who are interesting in pursuing a career within the international trade field.  In addition, it could improve market visibility.

Additional “perks” for both the partnering University and Sponsor will be:

  • Graphically appealing, tasteful attribution (promotion) on the website, all published articles and distributed (downloaded) informational materials.
  • Complimentary use of the powerful trade intelligence applications Stats Plus and Prospects, originally developed by CenTradeX, then acquired and now marketed by UBM Global Trade /PIERS.  We maintain distribution /usage rights to a 13 licenses of each of the above applications through June 30, 2015.
  • Development of a dynamic collaborative partnership which has the potential of generating significant commercial and educational dividends on an ongoing basis.
  • Proprietary republishing rights of content… whether utilized for education, promotion or otherwise.

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