Datamyne Launches Their New Trade Intelligence User Interface- Datamyne 2.0

Datamyne, Uruguay based TI Provider, with U.S. headquarters in Miami, recently announced the launch of their new interface under the name Datamyne 2.0. My personal opinion is that products should each carry their own identifier, even if preceded by the company title such as Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, and Jeep Renegade.  A product name should give clients a taste of the character and attributes of the product they own.  Fortunately, a summary review of Datamyne’s new interface proves more innovative than the name implies. So for my own amusement, in this article I will refer to Datamyne 2.0 as D2.

D2 comes in two sizes: one that looks at markets (particular countries’ import/export patterns) using aggregated statistical data. That’s the leaner D2 Jr.  And the more hefty hunk of an interface, handsome D2 senior, that provides subscribers drill down capability to fetch and report on individual BOLs – Bills of Lading.

Lisa Wallerstein serves as Datamyne’s Vice President of Product Development and Marketing. She, along with a talented group of Latin American technologists located in Montevideo, developed Datamyne 2.0 over the last 6 months in response to, and in collaboration with, client’s feedback and suggestions.  She reported that Datamyne 2.0 “was built around the workflow of our customers” in an attempt to make “searching trade data easy”.

Glamour shot featuring D2 with some lovely graphics

D2 is up against several other contenders for TI market dominance, including Zepol, Import Genius, and Panjiva as well as a host of wanna be bottom feeders.  Of course their biggest challenge comes from the dominant species, the 500 pound gorilla of TI providers: UBM Global /PIERS.  (BTW, PIERS names their products: “Prospects”, “TI”, “StatsPlus”, “MyPiers”, “iPiers”, “Trade Finance”.  Granted,  “I”, “My” or “TI” are not the most inspired of naming conventions either.)

D2 has some cool features. The logic behind the interface seems to be built with the end user in mind.  The process follows a well marked path that an average dummy (like me) might take to search, sift, organize and report on the information they’re looking for.  The interface appears well laid out; trimmed in eye pleasing green and blue with ample white space and easy to follow navigational elements.  Another neat feature is that a user can “save” his or her query (question) as an “alert” which will consequently send out an email notification when new data arrives. User reports can be directly exported anywhere along the process to Excel along with graphic representations of the data.

Congratulations to Datamyne on their new product launch and their contribution to the expanding and exciting world of Trade Intelligence.

Finally, check out this 4 minute YouTube Datamyne video featuring the highly acclaimed and handsome hunk of an interface, D2. By the way, has a substantial library of TI videos.  You can access them via our VodPod widget conveniently located in the right navigational area on this website.

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