Untied States Imports of Nuts from Mexico: Specific American Companies

United States Top Sources of Foreign Nuts 

The United States is the ninth largest importer of nuts in the world. Nuts, HS: 0802, include walnuts, pecans, pistachios, macadamia, peanuts, almonds, etc. For a world view of nut import and exports click here.

The United States received 46% of its foreign nuts from Mexico. In 2010 this value was near 200 million dollars. The second largest source for imported nuts was China. In 2010 the U.S. imported 88 million dollars of Chinese nuts, accounting for 21% of all its imported nuts. Below is a list of the top ten countries from which America imported nuts, rank ordered by value. Also included is a pie chart displaying market percentages dominated by a each country. Mexico, the largest source, is represented by the red slice.

Top ten sources for American imported nuts, HS- 0802, almonds, peanuts, macadamia, etc. Rank list of countries accompanied by pie chart of nut import market.

United States Historic Nut Import from Mexico 

The number one supplier for U.S. imported nuts is Mexico. Almost 200 million dollars was spent on Mexican nuts in 2010. According to more historic data, this large amount is a recent trend. Below is a histogram displaying historic import nut data from Mexico. Until 2004 the United States had never spent more than 100 million dollars on Mexican nuts. Since 2004 the amount of Mexican imported nuts has steadily been increasing. Is this because of the decline of the U.S. dollar value or because it imports a higher amount of nuts? A look at the dollar to peso reveals that one dollar was worth about 10 pesos in 2000 while in 2010 it was worth around 13 pesos. It is likely that this increase of value is associated with an increase of product. This is supported by the increase of Nut export by Mexico.

Histogram: bar chart of United States nut imports from Mexico by value and years, all-inclusive 1989 to 2010

United States Companies Buying/ Importing Mexican Nuts

With PIERS StatsPlus we have special access to individual U.S. companies importing Mexican Nuts. The full excel spread sheet is available by request. Below is a list of all 11 U.S. companies importing Mexican Nuts. United Natural Foods is one of the largest companies. Their web site is www.unfi.com and their corporate headquarters are located at 313 Iron Horse Way, Providence, Rhode Island. This same type of information is available for Dekalb Farmers Market, Kalustyan, Mid Valley Nut Company, and the rest of the American importing companies of Mexican nuts.

All eleven individual Untied States companies importing Mexican Nuts, complete spreadsheet data available in link above. Companies names, location, presidents, and websites

3 Responses to “Untied States Imports of Nuts from Mexico: Specific American Companies”

  1. okey! quite interesting, but from which mexican companies are they buying those nuts ?

  2. really, i suppose China is the top one export country.

  3. Extremely quite interesting. Keep those discussions coming.

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