United States Medicine Imports from Ireland: U.S. Importers and Irish Suppliers

Medicine in Doses: United State’s Import Position and Countries of Source 

This report deals specifically with Medicine in Doses, HS: 3004. United States is the world’s second largest world importer of medicine in doses (click here for our world import-export profile of medicine in doses). Of all the countries that supply United States, Ireland is the number one. U.S. imported around 9 billion dollars worth of medicine in doses from Ireland in 2010 alone, accounting for almost 18% of its total imported medicine.

United States Imports of Medicine in Doses by country of origin. Top sources are Ireland, Germany, and Israel. Pie chart : graph of top ten United States import source countries.

Irish Exports of Medicine in Doses

In 2009 Belgium bought 46% of all Ireland’s exported medicine, costing them around 19.5 billion dollars. The United States bought around 9 billion dollars worth, accounting for 22% of Ireland’s exported medicine in doses. Belgium and the Untied States are the world’s largest buyers of foreign medicine. Alone, they account for 68% of Irish foreign sales of medicine. Below is a pie chart showing exports of medicine by Ireland in 2009. Untied States is represented by the yellow slice. Data source is United Nations Comtrade.

Global Irish exports of Medicine in Doses country list, value, market share, and pie chart : graph, notably United States and Belgium

United States Companies Buying Irish Medicine

The United States has approximately 33 companies buying Irish medicine. Some of the well-known ones include: Abbot Laboratories, Arch Chemicals, Evonik Degussa, Meadwestvaco Corp, Merck & Co Inc, and Teva Pharmaceuticals. Below is a brief list of ten companies with their location and website. For full list please click on excel file here.

United States Companies Importing Irish Medicine in Doses

Company State Web Site
Merck & Co Inc NJ www.schering-plough.com
Abbott Laboratories IL www.abbott.com
Meadwestvaco Corporation VA www.meadwestvaco.com
Ivax Corporation FL www.ivax.com
Evonik Degussa Corporation NJ www.degussa.com
Glazers Wholesale Drug Company Inc TX www.glazer.com
Arch Chemicals Inc CT www.archchemicals.com
Allergan Usa Inc CA www.allergan.com
Organon Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc NJ www.organon-usa.com
Teva Pharmaceuticals Usa Inc PA www.lemmon.com

Irish Companies Selling Medicine / Pharmaceuticals  to the Untied States

We would not be complete without divulging the Irish companies. We have a full list of all 34 Irish companies that sell the United States medicine in doses. Click here to view full data set of companies. Below is a snapshot of ten companies with name, street address, town, and country.

Irish Companies Selling Medicine in Doses to the United States

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  1. Isaac,
    Great info! You guys are doing excellent work! Hey, What would be the best way to get a detailed summery of what the American companies buy from their counterparts in Ireland? Thanks

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