Trade News: China: Sino-Africa Deals, Credit Card Growth & Exporting

From WITA: Official Launch of Export Now on 14-Nov-11 12:00 PM.  Now is the simplest, least expensive channel for U.S. companies expanding in the booming Chinese market.  Export Now’s innovative technology and logistics platform offers a turnkey solution for selling in China.  Visit the NEW Export Now Website.

Also from WITA(AP feed): “Missouri reaches $4.4B trade agreement with China”.  Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said Monday the state has reached an agreement to sell $4.4 billion worth of products to China for the next three years starting in 2012.  Nixon said the deal between the state Department of Economic Development and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade emphasizes agricultural products and would boost Missouri exports to China by more than $1 billion over three years. The Democratic governor said international trade is important for improving Missouri’s economy.

From ICTSD: China-Africa economic cooperation zones: Political and economic implications. Over the last decade, China’s economic engagement with Africa has grown exponentially. Trade between China and Africa reached $129 billion in 2010. New models of bilateral cooperation have emerged. Among others, China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) is supporting the development of six official economic and trade cooperation zones in five African countries. While all of these zones are still at an early stage of development, we provide here an initial analysis of their political and economic implications. Read more.

From EuroMonitor: The Chinese Card Payment Footprint. China is expected to account for over 1/4 of the entire global credit card payment growth!  This accompanying video explains further.  Three Trends Driving Card Payment Growth in China. Urbanization is one of the major themes underlying card payment growth in the world, states Jonathan Fisher, Head of Consumer Finance Research at Euromonitor. China presents itself differently than other emerging markets, notably that its major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are actually decreasing in population. China’s consumers also tend to save more than consumers in other emerging markets, converting roughly 57-60% of all income into expenditure and saving the rest.

From Silk Road Intl.  Show follow up, next steps in China.  People often ask me about service providers in China that they could use once they were back home.  The reality is that even if you’re multi-talented (quite possible), flush with cash (doubtful in today’s economy) and have tons of extra time on your hands (not likely) you’re going to need some help from people that have both experience and are on the ground in China.

Also from the Silk Road: Location, location, location and other suggestions for selecting the best supplier.  Location counts—Sure the price may be better, but you need to factor in how long people have been doing business both in that factory and in that area (sub suppliers).  The rule of thumb is this: the most advanced suppliers are found in HK/Taiwan, then Guandong, then other East Coast cities, then the rest of China.

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