U.S. Customs Data Primer Part 5: Reference Guide Other Related WTD Articles

This week we went under the hood to look at nature and application of Customs data that tracks U.S. Waterborne Import Shipments from Overseas Suppliers and Sellers.

There are a number of previous articles wherein I have referred to other shortcomings and challenges inherent with the understanding and applying U.S. Customs data.  Please note the following:

We also published several dozen articles focusing on the current Trade Intelligence purveyors of Customs data.  The links provided below will pull up a handful of articles each – for a particular company, group of companies (in cases where they are “minor, second tier” providers) and summary evaluations. You can also find these articles, and others grouped by various categories, on the top navigation menu of this site.

Please refer to our Commercial Services Menu on the top navigational bar of this site for information on Application Licensing, Research & Writing ServicesDatabase Repositories, Artificial Intelligence Engine as well as other Consulting, Project Management and Application Development Services.

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