Medicine in Doses: World Trade Import-Export Overview and United State’s Trade 

Medicine’s Harmonized Code for World Trade

Medicine in measured doses registers as HS: 3004. These are mixed or unmixed products separated by doses. Anti-infective drugs, cardiovascular medicines, anticonvulsants, sedatives, tranquilizers, laxatives, antihistamines, etc. all fall under this category, HS: 3004. These medicines are usually used for retail. The US census schedule B search engine can be used to produce a full list. Type “3004” into the search bar at

World’s top medicine exporters by country, value and percent. Top players include Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, France, and United States. Pharmaceutical world export graph pie chart.

World’s Top Medicine Exporters

Through PIERS Prospects and Stats Plus, we gain access of medicine exports shipped. Medicine is a unique product category because Western countries still occupy the largest exporting positions. We find that Germany is the largest exporter of medicine, selling 90.5 billion dollars worth in 2009. France was second, shipping out 50.6 billion dollars worth, followed closely by Ireland. United States was the fourth largest medicine exporter in the world, selling roughly 46 billion dollars worth abroad. They occupied 8.8% of the market in 2009.

United States Exports of Medicine

United States is the world’s fourth largest medicine exporter. With PIERS we can view countries who buy medicine from the United States. The number one buyer of United States made medicine was Canada, who spent 2.9 billion dollars in 2010. The Netherlands were the second largest buyer, spending 2.7 billion dollars on U.S. medicine. United Kingdom was the third largest, followed by Japan and then Spain. These 5 countries combined spent almost 12 billion dollars on United States shipped medicine in 2010.

Untied States exports of medicine by receiving country- list by top countries, value, and market share

World’s top medicine importers by country, 2009 value and market share. Top countries are Belgium, United States, Germany, and France. Pie chart : graph of top countries.

World’s Top Medicine Importers

Surprisingly Belgium is the world’s top medicine importer, spending 65 billion dollars in 2009 on foreign-made medicine. The United States was the second largest importer, spending 63.5 billion dollars on foreign-made medicine. Germany imported about 55 billion dollars worth of medicine in doses in 2009.

United State’s Top Sources for Imported Medicine

The United State’s main source for foreign-made medicine in 2010 was Ireland. They imported 8.8 billion dollars from this one small country. Germany was the second largest source, selling the U.S. approximately 6 billion dollars worth of medicine in 2010. Israel was the third largest source. In 2010 the U.S. bought 4.9 billion dollars worth of medicine from Israel. The United Kingdom was the fourth largest source and France was the fifth. The medicine imports from these five countries combined accounted for 58% of U.S. total imported medicine in 2010.

Pie chart of top Untied States medicine import sources by country and value.

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