TI Provider TradeInfo 365 Provides Transactional Trade Data for 10 Countries

In my recent net sweep of Trade Intelligence providers who offer U.S. Customs Waterborne Import Manifest (Bill of Lading) data, I seem to have missed what appears to be a pretty large fish, http://www.TradeInfo365.com.

Not surprising, several China based TI competitors have recently joined the ranks in an attempt to challenge PIERS, Datamyne, Zepol, Panjiva, Import Genius and the dozen or so newbies.  Unlike most, TI365 offers a whole lot more than just a simple off-the-shelf search and reporting utility sitting atop of U.S. Customs data.

TradeInfo365 integrates over 8,000,000 entries every month from 10 countries including both imports and exports. Unfortunately only four are in English: U.S., UK, Pakistan & Korea. Four others are in Spanish: Argentina, Chile, Peru & Columbia. Still, it is refreshing to see a TI provider go that extra mile in putting together a more comprehensive data collection.

What was of particular interest is that TI365 also offers China Trade Data.  They offer not only statistics but also transactional data on imports, importers, exports and exporters.  They also have credit information on some of these companies as well.  Check out their website for samples and details.

All said, TradeInfo365.com seems to be a company worth checking out.  Not coincidentally, their pricing strategy is identical to several state side TI Providers with subscriptions ranging from $99 to $399 per month. However, their subscription plan includes access to all 10 countries’ data, which is of particular benefit to those who can read English, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian.  Unfortunately, the China data is sold separately.

They fall short of the trader specificity within the data collection that we (at CenTradeX) accumulated which logged virtually every import or export transaction for 6 years including detailed company contact information and value of shipment.  But, to my knowledge, there are presently no sources that can distribute such information in bulk legally.

Notwithstanding, cashing in on Trade Intelligence is a matter of sleuthing.  Like any detective you collect clues from as many sources as possible in order to build a convincing case.  If you depend upon one source, such as U.S. Customs data, you are likely to miss the whole story.  The genius is in building dimensionality by connecting the dots.  The more connections that are made the more defined the picture becomes.

The stakes are high: surviving and thriving in the $12 trillion dollar international trade market.  Information is one of the keys to success.

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