Conair: World Trading Profile and Sourcing Report

Conair Corporation

Conair Corporation was established in 1959. The company is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of personal and health care appliances. A few divisions under Conair are: the personal care division (leader in hair dryers and curling irons), Interplak (electric toothbrushes), Travel Smart (traveling accessories), and Allegro (handbags and beauty cases). Conair has even expanded to the kitchen appliance market with Cuisinart and Warning divisions. For a full list of all of Conair’s corporate product divisions click here.  A major distribution center of Conair lies in the Vally of Sun MSA, Phoenix, Arizona (click here for Phoenix Trade Profile).

Conair Corporation Imports 

Conair received 93% of all foreign-made imported products from one source, China. Conair imported 240 million dollars worth of Chinese goods in one year, crossing the Pacific Ocean in 3,294 shipments. Hong Kong, another part of the present day People’s Republic of China, is the second largest source for Conair imported goods. Costa Rica makes the list as well with 19 shipments adding up to an estimated value of 1.7 million dollars.

Top countries import sources for Conair Corporation shipments People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Costa Rica image jpg percents estimated value trade

Conair’s Top Commodities

Conair has an extremely diverse import product catalog. They have over 150 separate categories of imported products. By value the number one commodity imported by Conair was HS: 851671, electric coffee and tea makers. The second most valuable import commodity was HS:850940, electronic food grinders. Stainless steel kitchen articles, HS: 732393, were the third most valuable, worth 21 million dollars. Electric hair dryers were fourth, HS: 851631, worth 18 million dollars.

Conair’s top imported commodities by value and shipment one year trade harmonized code percentage item descriptions foreign made goods imported bought by the United States over annually

BOL Details

We have a full excel spread sheet of all 7400 shipments of imported products received by Conair from 10/30/2010 to 11/30/2011. In this excel file there are multiple categories. Once downloaded one can sort any way he or she pleases with common data sorting products like Microsoft Excel or OfficeOrg. For simplicity, I organized the data by value of shipment.  Listed below are the most heavily laden vessels by worth. Displayed are the shipping dates, shippers, addresses, estimated values, and product descriptions.  (Click here to Download).

Data of shipments made by Conair from India, China, Costa Rica individual bill of landings excel spread sheet download link here in text free BOL international trade data United States import sources

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