Trade News: From Euromonitor – European Outlook, Aging Populations & Obesity

Join Euromonitor for a Free Webinar: “Global Challenges into 2012”.  November 17, 2011.  9:00 am CDT, 15:00 GMT.  In 2012, worldwide consumer expenditure will top US$40 trillion for the first time and per capita GDP will surpass US $10,000. The global population will go beyond 7 billion and one third of the planet’s inhabitants will be Internet users. Identifying and overcoming these challenges will help companies to win competitive advantage in 2012 and beyond.

Retailing: Future Scenarios (Part 2). How Might Changing Market Environments Affect Growth In Europe?  International’s retail sales forecasts to 2015 anticipate slow growth for Western Europe and sluggish growth for Eastern Europe.  Euromonitor looks at some specific economic and demographic factors that could change and shape how retailing develops across Europe.

Increased broadband access in Eastern Europe will lead to more online banking and e-commerce.  Increased access to broadband Internet service is expected to become more commonplace across Eastern Europe in the coming years, which will likely lead to significant growth in both online access to bank accounts and increased ecommerce sales. As of 2010 only 40% of households in Eastern Europe possessed an internet-enabled computer but that figure is expected to rise to 53% in 2015.

Regional Focus: Remittance inflows crucial for many Eastern European consumers. International remittance inflows, the money migrants send to relatives and friends in their home country, to Eastern Europe increased again in 2010, reaching US$47.6 billion, and continue to play a key role in supplementing household incomes and boosting consumer spending across the region.

Russia Attempts to Boost Foreign Investors’ Interest.  In June 2011, the Russian government reaffirmed its commitment to attract foreign investors, establishing a US$10.0 billion fund – the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) to support international companies investing in the country.

Leading Weight Management Cos. Click for Large Image

The Future of Weight Management with Stevia, CLA and Satiety Food and Drinks: Regional Diversity. Figures released by the World Health Organization in 2008 showed that worldwide obesity had more than doubled since 1980, and it had become the fifth leading risk factor for global deaths. Rising obesity has led to rapid expansion in the range of weight management products.

Demographic Transformation Worldwide – A Guide to Harnessing Population Statistics and Analysis.  In 2010, 8% of the world’s population was aged over 65, and between 2010 and 2030 the population of seniors will grow at a pace 4 times that of the total population.

Special Report: The World’s Oldest Populations. The proportion of over-65s in the global population has risen from 5.9% in 1980 to 8.0% in January 2011: 552.4 million people.  Life expectancy at birth reached 69.9 years in 2010.  Japan has the oldest population in the world, with 23.3% aged over 65 and a life expectancy at birth of 83.1 years, the highest in the world.

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