Nut Export Report: U.S. Companies Exporting Almonds to the United Arab Emirates

United States Nut Exports

The United States is the number one world exporter of nuts, HS: 0802, which include pistachios, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, almonds, etc. Waterborne exports alone accounted for 6.7 billion dollars in sales of American nuts to foreign countries in 2009. As a world player, America occupied 44% of the world market for nut sales. The world’s second largest exporter of nuts was Turkey, occupying 11% of the market. Untied States nut exports as a percentage of the world’s total is represented by the red slice in the pie graph below.

List of world’s top nuts – pistachios, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, and almonds exporters. Ranked by value and world trade market share. 

United States Destinations of Exported Nuts 

United States nuts tend to go to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. In  2010 Asia bought 36% of U.S. nuts, Europe bought 35%, and the Middle East accounted for 15%. The top individual buyer was Hong Kong who bought almost 16% of U.S. nuts. Spain and Germany each bought around 8% of U.S. nuts each spending more than 300 million dollars. The small country of United Arab Emirates spent 233 million dollars on U.S. nuts in 2010. The United Arab Emirates is home to about 8 million people, thus they spent the largest amount per person on nuts.

United States Exports by country of nuts listed by value and market percentage.

United States Exports of Nuts to the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates prefers one type of nuts: almonds. Over 85% of all U.S. nut exports to the United Arab Emirates were almonds, shelled, HS: 080212 and unshelled, HS: 080211. Below is a product breakdown report for United States exports to the United Arab Emirates regarding nuts. It breaks down the umbrella code of nuts, HS: 0802, into more specific six-digit subcategories, HS: 080212, almonds. Also included is a pie chart representing the four digit product code divided by specifics. The orange and gold slice together represent almonds, shelled and unshelled.

Product breakdown of United States Nut exports to United Arab Emirates, Middle East, almond buyers. Product categories are six digit Harmonized code of Nuts HS- 0802

United States Companies Selling Nuts to the United Arab Emirates

Below is a comprehensive list of 56 U.S. based companies exporting nuts to the United Arab Emirates.

United States Companies Selling Nuts to the United Arab Emeritus 
Cheney Bros Inc Cummins Filtration Inc Derco Holdings Llc Paramount Farms Inc
Hershey Company Primex International Trading Corp Sunview Marketing International Galco International
Boc Group Inc The ( A Delaware Corp) Alpine Pacific Nut Co Pom Wonderful Llc Western Nut Co
Adm Rice Inc Fair Trade Corner Inc Beards Quality Nut Company Llc Jim Crecelius
Ike Trading Co Ltd Frazier Nut Farms Inc Scheidegger Trading Co Inc Treehouse California Almonds Llc
Settons International Foods Inc Grower Direct Nut Company Inc Jessup Norris And Trunick Inc Venture Lighting Latin American
Specialty Commodities Inc Hilltop Ranch Inc Borges Of California Inc Zanontian & Sons Import Export Corporation
Farmers International Inc Nutrinut Inc Meridian Nut Growers Llc Kush International Inc
The Chilcote Company Fisher Nut Company Minturn Nut Co Inc A P Esteve Sales Inc
Shoei Foods (Usa) Inc North Valley Nut Inc Natural Fashions Inc The Food Source Inc
Kimberly Clark Corporation Terra Nova Trading Oneonta Trading Corporation Crown Products Inc
Lion Raisins Inc Foodsource Inc American Trading International Inc The Fresh Connection
Jess Smith & Sons Cotton Llc Crystal International Kraft Foods Global Inc Conagra Foods Inc

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